Aug 19, 2012 · Select "Run" then "send" to send the google sheet (or doc, etc.) to several emails. After the "send" function is selected, a box pops up in the sheet and asks who the sheet should be sent to. Further, this script sends my google sheet (or doc etc.) as a PDF. What’s great is that the email workflow is kicked off every time a user submits a form response thanks to using the onFormSubmit function. By activating the Sheet’s trigger under Tools > Script Editor, the script turns the spreadsheet into a basic app to send content follow-ups without any need to fine-tune the code.

Sometimes, it might be difficult to track which sheet sent the reminders if you have more Google Sheets. Email body - Add a free text to the body of the reminders email sent. You can use HTML tags in your email as shown in the screenshot above. This will be added below the daily task. Click Done; In the sidebar, click Done to save the reminder.