The paper "The Crucible by Nicholas Hytner" is a great example of a movie review on visual arts and film studies. There are some major characters of the movie, that are important of the story. John Proctor is the tragic hero, who is honest, speaks bluntly and is a good man. NOTE: Singapore Math® is generally a year "ahead" of math programs in the U.S., and most children need to begin Singapore Math® with the "B" book of the year before! Learn More One year's worth of work in the Singapore Primary Math programs (generally, K through 6 or 7) consists of two sets of paperback workbooks and textbooks. Aug 16, 2019 · Discover the world of geometry with these worksheets for 1st-grade students. These 10 worksheets will teach children about the defining attributes of common shapes and how to draw them in two dimensions. Practicing these basic geometry skills will prepare your student for more advanced mathematics in the grades ahead.

Prodigy Mr. Wilk is a high school math teacher whose salary is $33,660 for this school year, which has 180 days. In Mr. Wilk’s school district, substitute teachers are paid $85 per day. If Mr. Wilk takes a day off without pay and a substitute teacher is paid to teach his classes, how much less does the school district pay in salary by paying